Film still: Skyward (Dir: Jessica Bishopp)

Sun 22.01. 17:00 / Sputnik Kino

Short Film Screenings (Documentary)

Documentary / Experimental

Land of Fires (Documentary),
R.: Chloe White, Will Davies, 24:00 Min.

In Naples, a band of local residents have formed a vigilante justice group to fight against the illegal dumping of toxic waste.

A Portrait (Documentary),
R.: Carlotta Beck Peccoz, 3:20 Min.

Christopher Hughes reminisces about his life, his career and his friendship with Derek Jarman.

Clean (Documentary),
R.: Miranda Stern, 18:00 Min.

A woman’s love letter and final goodbye to heroin.

Skyward (Documentary),
R.: Jessica Bishopp, 20:00 Min.

Two young birdwatchers navigate their passion for nature, wildlife and conservation against the backdrop of the challenges of coming of age.

Bloodshed (Documentary),
R.: Eva Babington, 15:00 Min.

A documentary reporting the experiences of young women handling menstrual issues.

Born in Damascus (Documentary),
R.: Laura Wadha, 15:00 Min.

A filmmaker tries to reconnect with her closest cousin. Once so similar, their paths were separated by the Syrian war.

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