Film still: Close (Dir: Tom Gentle)

Sun 22.01. 15:00 / Sputnik Kino

Short Film Screenings

Drama / Comedy / Experimental

The Mouse (Drama),
R.: Theo Baines, 19:00 Min.

A homeless seventeen-year-old, injured and wielding a metal pipe, turns himself into police in east London.

The Mountain (Drama/Comedy),
R.: Clare Macdonald, 14:00 Min.

Matthew is tired of feeling down. He wants to get help, get milk, and get back to normal. With Jamie Wilkes ("His Dark Materials").

Green Space (Experimental/Comedy),
R.: Jamie Fraser, 20:00 Min.

Private moments become public maelstroms over one day in a south London park.

Kiran (Drama),
R.: Bhulla Beghal, 8:00 Min.

Kiran, once a happily married, independent business owner is now the full time carer of her elderly mother.

Birds (Drama),
R.: Tyro Heath, 11:00 Min.

A mother behind bars struggles to keep her whereabouts a secret to support her daughter.

Close (Comedy/Drama),
R.: Tom Gentle, 15:48 Min.

30-somethings Sam and Jamie just want to ditch their raggedy old sofa and go for brunch ...

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