Film still: Mars (Dir: Abel Rubinstein)

Sun 22.01. 20:00 / City Kino Wedding

Short Film Screenings & Jury Award Ceremony

Drama / Animation / Comedy / Coming of Age

Mars (Drama),
R.: Abel Rubinstein, 20:27 Min.

Does Charlie really want a normal teenage existence? One extraordinary night shows her what truly matters. With Yasmin Finney ("Heartstopper"), inspired by Yungblud.

She Always Wins (Drama),
R.: Hazel McKibbin, 10:00 Min.

Stella (Honor Swinton Byrne, "The Souvenir") brings her new boyfriend to his first family visit.

Curiosa (Animation),
R.: Tessa Moult-Milewska, 9:00 Min.

Young Mary is curious to find out what's in her boyfriend's head. So she has a look.

Spinning (Comedy/Drama),
R.: Sam Spruell, 10:00 Min.

Robert takes his beloved 3.2 litre saloon for a spin in the neighbourhood. But his world is crumbling. With Divian Ladwa ("Detectorists").

Margin (Drama),
R.: Daniel Rands, 13:00 Min.

English teacher Emily battles to get through a lesson evoking racial tensions and societal issues that they soon find to be all too relevant.

An Irish Goodbye (Comedy/Drama),
R.: Tom Berkeley Ross White, 23:29 Min.

On a working farm in rural Northern Ireland, a pair of estranged brothers reunite following their mother's untimely death. With Seamus O'Hara ("Northman").

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