Film still: Lilith and Eve (Dir: Sam de Ceccatty)

Wed 25.01. 20:00 / City Kino Wedding

Short Film Screenings (Animation Special) & Audience Award Ceremony

Animation / Comedy / Mystery / Music Video

Lilith and Eve (Animation/Comedy),
R.: Sam de Ceccatty, 6:00 Min.

Eve is the first woman on earth. That's what she thought until Lilith showed up. With Aimee Lou Wood ("Sex Education") and Susan Wokoma ("Enola Holmes 2").

Bus Film (Animation),
R.: Chris Childs, 3:00 Min.

A group of activists travel to London on a dream-like bus.

Tap Runner (Animation),
R.: Paolo Chianta, 3:00 Min.

An animated short film about taps and one man’s burning desire to fix them.

A Sip of Water (Animation),
R.: Hyuna Cho, 6:36 Min.

In Korean society, the shamans bridge the gap between the gods and humans with their psychic talents.

The Well (Animation/Mystery),
R.: Peter Stanley-Ward, 9:00 Min.

Outsider Trish leads three friends to a secret well in the hope to build friendships.

Burry Man (Animation),
R.: Simon P Biggs, 6:00 Min.

When a Pictish farm is besieged by an endless winter, an adolescent girl must defy her father and his traditions.

1x1x1 (Animation),
R.: Yinuo Shao, 5:40 Min.

The process from knowing yourself to accepting yourself can be a long journey.

Dawta (Animation),
R.: Jessica Ashman, 7:24 Min.

Dawta has a power she is unaware of, until she is propelled through time and space to a utopian planet.

Watch Me Vanish (Animation),
R.: Georgia Bardi, 3:39 Min.

I am not here and never have been. I have been dead for a long time.

Djangophonique: Douce Ambiance (Animation/Music Video),
R.: Sam Shaw, 2:18 Min.

Jolly and jazzy music video full of cats and clarinets.

Stay (Animation),
R.: Yu Sun, 5:00 Min.

The relationship between a daughter and her absent father – visualised by hand embroidery on tracing paper.

I Come From (Animation),
R.: Kate Jessop, 2:00 Min.

An animated poetry film about a young woman’s journey from Tanzania to the UK.

The Debutante (Animation),
R.: Elizabeth Hobbs, 8:00 Min.

A spirited young woman persuades a hyena (Alexa Davies, "Detectorists") from the London Zoo to take her place at a dinner.

Time Trip Time (Animation),
R.: Taewan Kim, Shunny Kim, 3:00 Min.

A mad clock takes the viewer on a time trip to a random planet.

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