Film still: For Heidi (Dir: Lucy Campbell)

Sat 21.01. 19:30 / Sputnik Kino

Short Film Screenings

Drama / Comedy / Animation

Joy (Drama),
R.: Alexandra Brodski, 20:00 Min.

A teenage inmate at a juvenile detention centre is drawn to a 10-year-old girl who seems to have an intoxicating power.

Bleep (Comedy),
R.: Ben S. Hyland, 8:00 Min.

Woken by a strange noise in the night, a couple is pushed to the brink.

For Heidi (Drama/ Coming of Age),
R.: Lucy Campbell, 10:00 Min.

Heidi's Dad is unusually supportive, although she is sent home from school because of a giant blue and black mohawk.

Yeah, I'm Good Thanks (Animation),
R.: Hannah Lau-Walker, 1:30 Min.

Whilst messaging online a woman contemplates being honest about how she’s really been doing.

On Your Behalf (Dark Comedy),
R.: Ana Garcia Rico, 16:00 Min.

We all know people acting in a way that annoys us to despair. Ava found a solution.

Portrayed (Drama),
R.: Ryan Goodman and Nicole Rixon, 7:36 Min.

Sitting for a campaign photoshoot, a political candidate is bombarded with a barrage of advice.

X to X (Drama),
R.: Lily Gwynne-Thomas, 14:00 Min.

Meeting her estranged twin becomes a young housewife's chance at a better life. With Tanya Reynolds ("Sex Education").

Lady Brently's End (Comedy),
R.: Sam Baron, 6:00 Min.

In Victorian England, a newly widowed woman must be convinced that it is still worth living. With Maddie Rice ("Fleabag").

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