Film still: I Love You, I Hate You (Dir: Sam Pilling)

Fri 20.01. 19:30 / Sputnik Kino

Short Film Screenings

Drama / Coming of Age / Comedy / Animation

I Love You, I Hate You (Drama),
R.: Sam Pilling, 22:00 Min.

Sage (Little Simz) and Omar have escaped to the countryside where she struggles with writing a new piece. When her old friend calls to visit, she brings welcome distraction.

Groom (Drama),
R.: Leyla Coll-O'Reilly, 16:38 Min.

Hannah's mother has set her up with a trial shift at a beauty salon and she tries to deal with it.

MAMILS (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) (Comedy),
R.: Ben Marshall, 3:00 Min.

Two amateur cyclists, in ill-fitting lycra, face off against each other in an increasingly ridiculous battle. With Kevin Garry ("Ted Lasso").

The Bower (Drama),
R.: Marco Alessi, 18:25 Min.

Taking her colleague Jude along, Terri repeats a trip she made to artist Derek Jarman's home nearly 30 years ago. With Jade Anouka ("Fisherman's Friends").

Too Rough (Drama),
R.: Sean Lìonadh, 16:00 Min.

After a night of intoxication, Nick wakes up in his room next to his boyfriend and must conceal him from his homophobic family.

Not The House (Drama),
R.: Oscar Hudson, 8:22 Min.

The tale of supernatural estate agents and the strange horrors of making a home. A response to a story by Booker Prize winner Marieke Lucas Reinwejld.

Smoking Dolphins (Comedy),
R.: Sean Lyons, 7:26 Min.

A conversation in the pub always ends up on the same topic: Surely you've heard of Smoking Dolphins?

Motherclucker (Animation),
R.: Greg McLeod, 5:14 Min.


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