Film still: Scale (Dir: Joseph Pierce)

Fri 20.01. 19:00 / Acudkino

Short Film Screenings

Animation / Drama / Comedy / Coming of Age

Scale (Animation/ Drama),
R.: Joseph Pierce, 15:00 Min.

As his crippling drug addiction deepens, Will (Sam Spruell, "Doctor Who") struggles to unpick the sequence of events that led to his predicament.

Bus Girl (Drama),
R.: Jessica Henwick, 12:00 Min.

An aspiring young female chef navigates the cut-throat world of high-end cooking.

Jackson (Drama),
R.: Emma Miranda Moore, 17:00 Min.

Teenager Amira avoids a haunted house visit using her unique imagination.

Three (Drama),
R.: Amelia Sears, 15:00 Min.

A weekend away at the seaside is Ellie's first family holiday since she and Nick had Harry. But holidays are not like they used to be.

Stockholm Syndrome (Comedy),
R.: Ben Marshall, 3:00 Min.

A seemingly innocent phone call between a young woman and her Swedish mother slowly reveals chilling secrets.

Boys (Drama/ Coming of Age),
R.: ashley walters, 23:35 Min.

In East London, two best friends embark on a risky mission and a journey into manhood. Starring Theo Barklem-Biggs ("Sliced").

Sticks of Fury (Comedy),
R.: Yuan Hu, 7:00 Min.

Tobz develops an unhealthy ambition during an unexpected gaming marathon.

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