Film still: Another Presence (Dir: Simon Ball)

Mon 23.01. 19:00 / Sputnik Kino

Short Film Screenings (Documentary)

Documentary / Animation

The Tomorrow That'll Come (Documentary),
R.: Carla Shah, 19:00 Min.

Where do you find home when you cannot return? Mohand and Sophie rehearse a new play about Sudan and refugees in the UK.

Something More (Animation/Documentary),
R.: Mary Martins, 5:00 Min.

Perspectives and stories from those that have been connected to the impact of knife crime in London.

Twinkleberry (Documentary),
R.: Daisy Ifama, 12:00 Min.

"The story of my super gay school year" with 30+ queer students in one year group during 2005 to 2012, in an English small town.

Back to School (Documentary),
R.: Tyro Heath, 5 mins:00 Min.

Sonny, a 13-year-old with autism, reflects on being in and out of school during the lockdowns.

Another Presence (Animation/Documentary),
R.: Simon Ball, 12:00 Min.

Animated doc about the unique and often surreal experiences of dementia with Lewy bodies.

A Long Winter (Documentary),
R.: Eilidh Munro, 16:00 Min.

Innes spends another bleak winter in the Scottish Highlands, forced to play the role of predator because this landscape needs death if life is ever to return.

In Free Fall (Instructional Film/Comedy),
R.: Ruaidhri Ryan, 7:35 Min.

An instructional film to offer a small hand to lift us back up after endless months of crisis.

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