Film still: A Moral Man (Dir: Paul and Simon Wadha)

Sun 22.01. 19:00 / Sputnik Kino

Short Film Screenings

Drama / Comedy / Coming of Age / Animation

A Moral Man (Drama),
R.: Paul and Simon Wade, 18:50 Min.

A right-to-die evangelist (Toby Jones, "Detectorists") wrestles with his faith and morality. With Claudie Blakley ("Pride and Prejudice").

Arcadia Lasts (Drama),
R.: Aaron Shrimpton, 16:00 Min.

Two teenage girls skip school to escape their home town for a seaside adventure.

Hiya, Mate (Comedy),
R.: Joseph Hurst, 2:00 Min.

A customer (Conor Clarke McGrath, "Sex Education") and a shopkeeper don't quite get along.

See You in the Dark (Drama),
R.: Asena Nour, 18:21 Min.

On the opening night of a group exhibition, Nora, a young female artist, is hacked by an ominous troll.

Scrap (Drama/Coming of Age),
R.: Jamie O'Rourke, 15:00 Min.

Ciaran and Michael meet one summer and become friends. But when school returns, things start to get difficult.

Fall of the Ibis King (Animation),
R.: Mikai Geronimo, Josh O'Caoimh, 10:00 Min.

The antagonist of a dark opera becomes increasingly unsettled following the unlikely return of the former lead actor.

Fifty-Four Days (Drama),
R.: Cat White, Phoebe Torrance, 17:20 Min.

When tragedy strikes, Ruby turns to wild swimming in search of answers. With Cat White ("Threesome") and Celia Imrie ("Best Exotic Marigold Hotel").

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