Film still: The Ballad of Olive Morris (Dir: Alex Kayode-Kay)

Thu 19.01. 20:00 / City Kino Wedding

Opening Short Film Screenings & Live Music & DJ Set

Drama / Comedy / Animation

Live: Das Friedel, DJ-Set: Betti Bo Bikepunk

The Ballad Of Olive Morris (Drama),
R.: Alex Kayode-Kay, 10:29 Min.

Brixton 1969. 17-year-old Olive Morris gets violently caught up in an incident of police brutality.

The Cope (Drama),
R.: Jamie Delaney, 17:00 Min.

Sadhbh (Lauryn Canny, "Normal People") lives in a small Irish fishing town and has one dream: escape and dance for a living.

Pram Snatcher (Drama/ Dark Comedy),
R.: Theo James Krekis, 12:00 Min.

Two vagrant criminals head to a remote service station off the A90 for one last job. With Michael Socha ("This is England '90").

Do Not Feed The Pigeons (Animation),
R.: Antonin Niclass, 8:40 Min.

Lonely travellers are waiting for the last coach at the station.

Warm (Drama),
R.: Alfie Barker, 12:28 Min.

Restricted by the world outside, Malaika and her two children seek temporary shelter in a swimming pool, finding their own freedom in the after-hours.

Drop Out (Drama/ Comedy),
R.: Ade Femzo, 6:56 Min.

Tobi, an aspiring musician, faces his greatest battle ever. Telling his beloved mother he needs to drop out of university.

Three Meetings Of The Extraordinary Committee (Comedy),
R.: Jones, 18:00 Min.

When the citizens of the small farming village of Dobre vote for a mythical creature, democracy comes face to face with reality.

A Fox in the Night (Drama),
R.: Keeran Anwar Blessie, 11:20 Min.

Excited for a night out on the town, Lewis is suddenly uncomfortable when a friend asks him to pick up something from his dealer.

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