Events 2020

Live Music, Party, Open Screening and much more!

In addition to the film programme there will be a fine selection of events including several concerts, parties, a free film workshop with lecturers from Great Britain, an Open Screening, talks with filmmakers, an exhibition and the infamous British Shorts Bar. Connect on Facebook and Twitter to be updated!

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16th–22nd January, Sputnik Kinobar

British Shorts Exhibition: British Culture Archive presents Richard Davis, Rob Bremner, Tish Murtha

Admission free

The exhibition presents a selection of photographies, curated by the British Culture Archive. Founded in 2017, it's a registered non-profit resource set up to document, highlight, and preserve the changes in British society and culture through social and documentary photography.

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Thu 16.01.2020, 22:00 Uhr, City Kino Wedding

Concert: Sound 8 Orchestra (Solo-Set)

Admission free

Easy listening, low budget lounge music, retro-futuristic B-Movie soundtracks and psychedelic electro sounds meet a set of visuals featuring found footage Super 8 material – especially compiled for the British Shorts opening!


Fri 17.01.2020, 20:00 Uhr, Silent Green

British Shorts Showcase: The Visual Worlds of Weirdcore

By establishing a self-proclaimed style of “extreme Audio/Visual whateverness”, the graphic designer Weirdcore has left an unmistakable visual influence on underground and mainstream pop culture. In the past 15 years, he has collaborated with Aphex Twin, M.I.A., Gwen Stefani or Louis Vuitton (a.o.). British Shorts presents his distinctively flickering audiovisual works in the unique Kuppelhalle at Silent Green.


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Fri 17.01.2020, 22:00 Uhr, Sputnik Kino

Concert: Nichtseattle

Nichtseattle is causal research on its own, is blue. With a baritone guitar and a mind full of dirty jokes it’s about tower block, arbour, hit and run, football, canned beer, warning shot, coarse joke, lonely, father hands, father legs, Greifswald and just all the things you cannot imagine in Seattle if you are not from Seattle but Nichtseattle – the place where many of us have anticipated Christmas too many times and clandestinely still do. Sometimes declamatory (yes/one could surely…), sometimes melancholy (shame/hurts), sometimes pragmatic (nevermind), often creaky garagesk (fuck you, very muschiii). Songs.


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Sat 18.01.2020, 22:30 Uhr, Sputnik Kino

Concert: Glassberg & The Disasters

Known for wickedly funny lyrics wrapped in deceptively sweet indie-pop melodies, Berlin-based American songwriter Rachel Glassberg and her band found viral recognition with tributes to Tommy Wiseau and Sven the Berghain bouncer before releasing last years full-length debut "This Was Inevitable" (Lousy Moon). She and multi-instrumentalist Linnea Mårtensson bring a stripped-down version of the Disasters to British Shorts following a string of US performances.


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Sun 19.01.2020, 16:00 Uhr, City Kino Wedding

British Shorts Homage: Kate Dickie

Screenings and talk with Kate Dickie & Phil Collins

he exceptional Scottish actress Kate Dickie (double BAFTA Scotland winner) has a preference for extraordinary roles spanning theatre, film and, television. Whether it is the arthouse cinema like “Red Road”, cult TV (“Game of Thrones”), experimental documentary (“Tomorrow Is Always Too Long”), horror or blockbuster cinema: Her character portrayals are always memorable and beautifully crafted. Dickie was and remains a keen supporter of the short film format. Our homage screening combines selected and award-winning short films from the past decade.

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Sun 19.01.2020, 21:00 Uhr, Sputnik Kino

Concert: Johnny Zabala

Admission free

Johnny Zabala, Berlins solitary analogue sound explorer and expertly primitive songsmith, presents his uniquely unorthodox and non-nostalgic blend of disintegrating blues and country progressions, roots music elements, marked by evocatively snarled lyrics, controlledly fraying delays, boot heel-stomped beats, as well as abrupt psychedelic detours.



Mon 20.01.2020, 19:00 Uhr, Sputnik Kino

Presentation of the British Shorts Workshop Films

Admission free

Participants of the British Shorts Workshop have made short short films within 48 hours, all centred around the topic Crossing Borders, which will be shown on the big screen.



Mon 20.01.2020, 21:00 Uhr, Sputnik Kino

Open Screening - Plattform for Filmmaker & Fans

Admission free

Local filmmakers can also screen their own short films (max. 25 mins) at British Shorts 2020! No pre-selection, no jury, no advance registration.


The festival programme is subject to change.

» The complete programme with all films and events as a PDF (1.4MB)